Sunday, December 30

Way the Ball Bounces

Courtesy of We Heart It

What a lovely day to you all! My name is Alyssa Sobere, as you can see on my gigantic header. I'm thirteen years old from Manila, Philippines. Actually, it's my first time blogging, aside from Tumblr which are full of heart clicks and raping the reblog button. Anywho, I actually enjoy blogging and socializing in the net because you get to be thick-faced haha! Okay serious mode! Blogging makes me feel like I can be anyone I want, nevermind the "Just be yourself" quote because it really doesn't work on me. Actually, I'm a mix of both. I'm such an interesting creature, right? Okay, you can slap my thick faced. 

Now let me tell you the story of my people, just kidding! You can slap me again.